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Here is our story…as written by Dr. Robyn on the http://www.powerfulwordsonline.com site:

Powerful Words was Fated to Come Into Existence …

My husband and I met one cold night in November after he was honored with a Martial Arts award in Rhode Island. Although we had not really met officially as adults until then, our families had known each other for decades and my mother had even been the one who had taken Jason to nursery school with my brother all those years ago.

It Started Over Dinner …

While sitting at the Peach Farm Restaurant in Boston’s China Town, Jason told me of his aspirations to own and run his own successful martial arts academy and get out of the world of finance. Martial Arts was his passion and spending 11 hours on a trading room floor trading bonds each day at the World Trade Center in Boston was most certainly …not.

That same night I told Jason that after being a victim of bullying as a child, I was out to help every young person find their confidence and realize their dreams. Building my skills as a PhD candidate at Tufts University’s Eliot Pearson Department of Child Development, my goal was to open an academy where children could learn and grow along side their families. There, they could receive all of the resources that they need to succeed in life. I truly believe, though it was only our first date, that we already knew the reason that God lead us to one another.

 It Really Got Started Over Dinner …

Jumping ahead a few years, after my husband’s 10th year Anniversary in the Corporate America Rat-Race, we sat at our own dinner table eating humble pie. “I can’t believe that this is still what I am doing with my life,” he shook his head, “I don’t want to do this anymore.” “Then, don’t,” I replied. “We are married with no children, we have a roof over our heads, we have enough for food. Let’s do what we were meant to do. Let’s open up our own personal development center-you teach the martial arts and run the business end of things. I’ll work with the children and families on the character education side of things. We can do this!”

       “I Remember Jason Looking At Me.
I Remember Me Looking At Him.
And For The First Time,
We Realized That It Was All Possible.”

After opening EEMA Fitness & Martial Arts in Weymouth, Massachusetts, we learned a whole lot about making mistakes and fixing them:

We flew by the seat of our pants.

I remember the whole first year, running onto the training floor at the end of the class just having had figured out moments before what I was going to say to the children about building character.

  1. It was not well planned.
  2. It was not well executed.
  3. It was not at all systemized.

I hated the feeling of being unprepared knowing full well that martial arts teachers were expected to teach children about building character. It made me feel sick!

The Problem Was That There Was No System!

I turned to different martial arts billing companies and consultants for support. I received multiple sheets about things you could say to children about character from this company and that. There were always a lot of holes.
I found myself needing to:

  1. Depart from the sheets to engage the children and find lessons that were really meaningful.
  2. Write letters to parents to clue them in as to what was going on that month.
  3. Create projects of the month so that children could carry the lessons of our school to the home where families could use the lessons as springboards for discussion in their household.
  4. Create Bulletin Board Displays so that when prospective families came in, they would see the bulletin board display and realize that we were much more than just some “kick and punch” school.
  5. Answer a lot of questions about character development which lead me to write a column in our school’s newsletter each month.

Of course, the families of our students expected such a comprehensive character development program on-time, every time, EVERY MONTH.

I Had No Choice But to Become Systemized

I started by cataloging all of my words of the month by mat-chat, bulletin board display, newsletter column, letter to parents, project of the month, and later, letters to teachers and community events. I knew a year in advance when each word would become the word of the month. I planned all of my events accordingly, including our library programs, teacher appreciation weeks, bullying seminars, charity drives, yearly Punch-a-thon, TV appearances, and child abduction awareness nights.

The Results Were POWerful

Student retention was up, new enrollments were up, drop-outs were down. People were coming through our door and joining because they had heard about our comprehensive martial arts AND character development program from their friends! On top of that, it felt so good knowing exactly what I was going to say and do every month without having to worry about it, EVER.

But the True Test Came When I Got Sick…

I had always been the one who taught our character education program. But one January, I couldn’t even get out of bed. I had been knocked off my feet by the flu. One of the other teachers needed to take over my role as character education teacher. Because everything was systemized, everything was written in an easy to follow fashion, and all the lessons were clear and thorough, the other teacher made a smooth transition into the role. It didn’t matter who was teaching the lesson. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t a child development specialist. The exact same words were being spoken and the exact same lessons were being taught as if I were teaching the lessons myself. It went off without a hitch.

 Success Leaves Clues…
Smart People Find Them!
Friends at other martial arts academies started to catch wind of our character development program.
When hosting martial arts events at our school, owners would see our bulletin boards and our newsletter and ask if they could use our program too.
One of our finest students moved away and opened his very own martial arts academy – He couldn’t imagine teaching martial arts without the Powerful Words system.
Calls came in from people we didn’t even know asking about our character program.
Even parents wanted to know if extra projects would be for sale so that they could start their youngest children on the POWerful Words path before they began elementary school.

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The Martial Arts Industry EMBRACED

  • MA SUCCESS Magazine asked me to write a whole series of articles to benefit our Industry…which I have been honored to do…and continue to do!  To date, I have written Beyond Kicking & PunchingHow to Transform Your School into a Personal Development Center”,I WANNA QUITStrategies for dealing with students that want to quit”, and Helicopter Parents – How to professionally manage over involved mommies and daddies”
  • Mr. Steve LaVallee (a current client of ours) invited me to present to his MAUI Martial Arts University International Members during his Warrior’s Weekend, as he wanted the schools he mentors to have the Finest Character Development Program available on the Planet!
  • The Martial Arts Industry Association has asked me to present a seminar at the 2007 Martial Arts Super Show to help spread some more information about how to truly become the best instructors possible.

Get Started Now!
The Reasons are Overwhelming …

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Each Month of Gold Level Membership Includes:
1 Month of Parents Perch
1 Month of Dear Dr. Robyn
POWerful Project for 4-7 year olds
POWerful Project for 7-12 year olds
POWerful Project for Teenagers
8 different Mat Chats for 4-6.5 year olds
8 different Mat Chats for 7-13 year olds
8 different Mat Chats for 7-13 year olds
4 Weeks of Mat Chats for Teens and Adults
Bulletin Board Displays
1 Teleconference for you and your staff with Dr. Robyn Silverman
Teacher’s Connection Letter to school teachers (when appropriate in POWerful Words Curriculum)

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You be the judge! Read through the entire information packed system at my risk, not yours. If you are not completely satisfied, return the system to us and we’ll refund 100% of the purchase price! That is how confident we are that you will LOVE this system! We are firmly dedicated to your success in building a successful Character Development Program at your school. In fact, even if you return the system, we insist that you keep the bonus report as our gift just for trying out POWerful Words!

If you are interested in learning more about a Character Development System that WILL ABSOLUTELY change the future of your school and your students!

Order your POWerful Words System today!

Yours In Success,
Dr. Robyn J.A. Silverman

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