Powerful Kids! Student applies Powerful Words to Goals


Your Powerful Words lessons have far-reaching affects. They help children learn that they can do anything if they just apply some hard work, perseverance, confidence, discipline, and goal-setting! Here’s a great story about one Powerful Kid who learned that if she sees it and believes it, she can achieve it!

When Powerful Words are applied, children can do anything!

At Andrew Lesmerisis’ Martial Arts School in Maine, we see the results of Powerful Words on the way his student and his student’s Mom thinks and acts.

Here’s the story:

Karrah’s mom mentioned to her instructor, Mr. Andrew, that her daughter was doing amazingly well on the swim team and that she was very proud of her.

“The conversation reminded me of Karrah’s POWerful Words project when our word of the month was Vision (October). In that project Karrah stated that she had a goal to win a first place ribbon in swimming. Karrah wrote that her vision included seeing her number posted to the first place spot on the score-board and hearing her family cheering for her.”

Karrah has managed to blow her “vision” goal out of the water (as you can see from the picture above) by winning 8 first place ribbons, 8 second place ribbons, 1 third place ribbon, 3 fourth place ribbons and 2 fifth place ribbons. Not only did she exceed her goal, but the times listed on the ribbons kept improving as the season continued.

When asked how the Powerful Word Project on Vision impacted Karrah and her goal, Karrah explained; “It gave me the confidence to keep working hard and stay focused on my goal.”

According to her mother “Karrah likes to be challenged, if something is easy, she doesn’t like it.” Her martial arts instructor sees this characteristic in every class. “Karrah is always pushing herself to be better and strives to be the best that she can be.”

Congratulations, Mr. Lesmerisis, and to your student, Karrah!

Do you have a story about a Powerful Kid at your school? Please send the story and the picture and we’ll post it up! Please remember– these stories would be GREAT for your town paper as well.  They are always looking for ways to celebrate their local citizens.  Send them in!

Keep doing the great work you do!


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