Sometimes, ya gotta have help!

Happy Wednesday!

When running your school, and doing everything that needs to be done…Have you ever worn so many hats that some of them started to fall off?

Last night, I was struggling to finalize the February 2008 POWerful Words Newsletter for all of our Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer, and Swim schools when I hit the wall. I’d been working so long on the project that I couldn’t see if there were any glaring errors – be they spelling, grammar, or just plain goofiness. So I did what I teach my clients to do – I asked for help!

Lucky for me, I am NOT one of those people that has a crummy relationship with his mother in law…in actuality, it’s quite the opposite. Joanie (Dr. Robyn’s mom) has always been one of my biggest supporters, most helpful editors, and, I’m honored to say, dearest friends. So at 11pm last night, I e-mailed her the final draft and asked her to take a look with fresh eyes and whip out her red pen 🙂 Within 30 minutes she replied back with some VERY IMPORTANT enhancements that needed to be made. It was awesome.

jmomr_resize.jpg momrobynpr3_resize2.jpg

Now that I’ve written this, I realize that there are a number of take-aways for you to benefit from :

  1. Ask for help. You can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all yourself.
  2. More often than not, help is yours for the asking – MAKE SURE YOU ASK!
  3. The more people you allow to help you, the stronger your business will become (if of course they have your best interest in mind)
  4. Don’t believe the hype that all Mother in Laws are cranky, ornery and obnoxious (mine isn’t!)

*** Completely unrelated point here…feel free to comment on any of the blog posts you see here (just click on the comments field or on the name of the post!)

Have a fantastic Day folks!

Jason M. Silverman

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