Offering More than just the physical helps to Enroll More Students!

Happy Sunday All~

We woke up to a “winter wonderland” here in Massachusetts this morning!  As much as I don’t enjoy having to shovel the white stuff – I really love how beautiful it is to gaze out our window (with a warm cup of hot chocolate) and look as our neighborhood is blanketed in snow.

We received a fantastic Success Story e-mail from Mr. Perry Bateson, one of our superstar clients in British Columbia, Canada  regarding a Buddy Week Campaign that he linked to the POWerful Word of the Month for January 2008 – Health!

“Hello Dr. Robyn and Jason, —  Update on our health buddy week. We felt it was a huge success. We had 54 buddies in the school over the week (this is no repeats). We had 3 sign up on the spot and anticipate up to 10 more next week. The bigger picture is how many of these buddies will sign up throught the year. We got every ones name and we will track it over the year. It was a neat idea to tie it into the POWerful word. We received lots of comments about teaching more than Martial Arts.”

Now, from a business perspective, I look at this as an ENORMOUS SUCCESS.  Let’s just say that Mr. Bateson has an annual student value of $1,500…then due to this event that brought great energy and interest into his school – he’ll see at the very least a $4,500 return!  That’s before the other 10 students wind up enrolling this week.  In addition, it’s also before the three students that enrolled wind up referring more of their friends to join as well!  Congratulations Mr. Bateson – You Rock!

One of the gems that only the smartest school owners will pick up on here is that Mr. Bateson and his staff took an “old” idea – the buddy week – and supercharged it by relating it to his POWerful Words Program.  By doing this, it showed the prospective students (and their parents) that this school is DIFFERENT – while others are talking about how they teach character, Mr. Bateson and his staff PROVED IT.  This is a wonderful lesson – POWerful Words clients have an amazing tool at their fingertips…all ya gotta do is use it and you’ll see the rewards you’re looking for!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Jason M. Silverman

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