Marketing with a “theme” for School Growth

Greetings All~

Did ya ever notice that it’s always easier to match your marketing up with some form of holiday or celebration?  I like to think of this as adding a “theme” to your marketing structure.

So…as is our goal with this blog, here are some of the many holidays/themes you can base your marketing around for this year:

January – Week 1 – New Years

January – Weeks 2-3 – Martin Luther King Day

February – Week 1 – Valentine’s Day

February – Weeks 1-2 – President’s Day

March – Weeks 1-3 – St. Patrick’s Day

April – Week 1 – April Fool’s Day

April – Weeks 1-3 – Easter

May – Weeks 1-4 – Mother’s Day

May – Week 4 – Memorial Day

June – Weeks 1-4 – Father’s Day

June – Weeks 3-4 – End of School Year

July – Week 1 – Fourth of July (for those of us in the USA)

August – Weeks 1-4 – Back to School Preperation

September – Week 1 – Labor Day

September – Weeks 4-5 – Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur

October – Week 2 – Columbus Day

October – Week 1-4 – Halloween

November – Week 1 – Election Day

November – Week 2 – Veteran’s Day

November – Weeks 1-4 – Thanksgiving

December – Weeks 1-4 – Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza

December  – Weeks 3-4 – New Year’s Eve

*** Obviously – as a POWerful Words Client – you can and SHOULD always attach the POWerful Word of the month to your Marketing Campaign.  Many of our clients see Massive Success by doing just that.

Remember, February 2008 is Self Discipline Month – by focusing all of your activities around that central concept, you’ll see a ton of new, interested clients knocking at your door…don’t keep it a secret – you’ve got amazing wisdom to share with your clients…now go ahead and do it!

Please take a quick moment to pick one or two of the themes above and post a comment here about how you intend to implement them into this year’s marketing campaign.

Massive Success!

Jason M. Silverman

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