Incorporating Previously Inactive Adults into our Classes**

**A version of this article will be published on a Powerful Words blog for parents at your schools. Stay tuned for more details.

My way of looking at adult exercise and adult physical potential has been completely turned around over the last 2 years. That’s because of Grace. She’s amazing. You will probably hear me talking about her a lot. She can drop into a full split and rest her head right down on the floor. Over the last 2 years she has helped me to become a lot more flexible. Oh—and did I mention, she’s 86 years old?

I am currently writing an article for a magazine on body image and activity as you get older. Many people, as they get older, become more inactive. While that’s normal, it doesn’t need to be the end of all physical activity. Grace certainly teaches us that.Since it’s January and the Powerful Word of the Month is Health, perhaps this issue has been brought up in some of your adult classes during your Health POWerChats. You may have approached a few adults and parents about getting involved in your adult classes. Some of you even got some new students! Others may have received the answer, “I couldn’t do that.”


We need to help parents and grandparents of our students understand that:


(1) Movements can be modified: While they may not be able to do everything a young person can do right away (especially if they haven’t been active in a while or they have injuries that prevent them from going “full-out”), they can do modified postures, stretches, and skills in each one of our disciplines. As an instructor, you can help them understand how to modify skills so that they work best for them. If you are unsure of how to modify positions and skills for adults who have some limitations, be sure to talk to someone who is experienced in this area of hire a coach so that you can come up with a plan together.

(2) Expectations are set according to an individual’s personal best: They don’t need to look like an Olympian! We want each one of our students to reach their own personal best at this time in their lives. That means; (1) They shouldn’t compare themselves to anyone else and (2) They shouldn’t compare themselves to what they once were able to do.

(3) It’s about being healthy: As we get older, some of our muscles get tighter as our lifestyle and work support a more sedentary lifestyle. We need to help adults relish being able to move their bodies, feel good, and work well. Physical exercise can help adults of all ages increase balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. Staying physically active and exercising regularly can also help adults to prevent or delay some diseases and disabilities as people grow older and even help improve health for older people who already have diseases and disabilities!

(4) Nobody’s looking at you: You may have already come to the conclusion in life that people are mostly focused on themselves. They don’t care much about what you’re doing or what you look like. But as you get older, it can feel embarrassing when you’re not able to keep up with the Britney Spears crowd. Some adults feel that people will talk about them if they can’t “do it all” and that they will be in danger of “Making a fool out of themselves.” We need to help adults feel comfortable and that nobody is actually looking at them. They’re too busy wondering how they can make themselves the best that they can be to worry about anyone else!

The most important thing we can do for adults is help them to begin somewhere. What a great example they’ll set for the younger crowd about how the quality of life can be maintained throughout adulthood! After a few years, they’ll likely feel younger and healthier than they have in years!

Sometimes, ya gotta have help!

Happy Wednesday!

When running your school, and doing everything that needs to be done…Have you ever worn so many hats that some of them started to fall off?

Last night, I was struggling to finalize the February 2008 POWerful Words Newsletter for all of our Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer, and Swim schools when I hit the wall. I’d been working so long on the project that I couldn’t see if there were any glaring errors – be they spelling, grammar, or just plain goofiness. So I did what I teach my clients to do – I asked for help!

Lucky for me, I am NOT one of those people that has a crummy relationship with his mother in law…in actuality, it’s quite the opposite. Joanie (Dr. Robyn’s mom) has always been one of my biggest supporters, most helpful editors, and, I’m honored to say, dearest friends. So at 11pm last night, I e-mailed her the final draft and asked her to take a look with fresh eyes and whip out her red pen 🙂 Within 30 minutes she replied back with some VERY IMPORTANT enhancements that needed to be made. It was awesome.

jmomr_resize.jpg momrobynpr3_resize2.jpg

Now that I’ve written this, I realize that there are a number of take-aways for you to benefit from :

  1. Ask for help. You can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all yourself.
  2. More often than not, help is yours for the asking – MAKE SURE YOU ASK!
  3. The more people you allow to help you, the stronger your business will become (if of course they have your best interest in mind)
  4. Don’t believe the hype that all Mother in Laws are cranky, ornery and obnoxious (mine isn’t!)

*** Completely unrelated point here…feel free to comment on any of the blog posts you see here (just click on the comments field or on the name of the post!)

Have a fantastic Day folks!

Jason M. Silverman

Extreme Home Makeover: Powerful TV

I don’t like to watch too much TV. People who know me know that I can’t stomach when bad things happen to good people. That takes out half the shows. I also can’t stand when good things happen to bad people. That takes care of the rest. But one show that never seems to disappoint is Extreme Makeover: Home Addition. I’m such a sucker for a great story about good things happening to good people. It just makes me feel happy right down to my toes.

Tonight a lovely family in New Hampshire was being given a home after their house was swept away by a flood in 2006. People from the community all came together to help. One little girl, Megan, was among them.

I was so struck by Megan because, having Cystic Fibrosis, she was entered into the Make A Wish Foundation recipient pool. She could have wished for a trip to Disney World or the opportunity to meet Britney Spears (do people still want to do that?), but instead, her wish was to be among those who were helping to put together a house for this blessed. New Hampshire family.

What a special person—what a special little girl—to have the strength of character to see the power in helping others as a gift within itself. As teachers of character yourselves, you know this is a leader in the making; one who sees beyond herself for the good of others, or shall I say becomes fulfilled through making things better for others. Now that’s character in action.

This is just one more reason to do what we do everyday, don’t you think? These Powerful lessons are all around us!

Thank you for being a part of what makes this world so much better for others. It’s fulfilling to know that these important character lessons are out there and you, as the great teachers, are relaying them with such passion, eloquence, and respect.

Here’s to a Powerful Month!

Dr. Robyn

Offering More than just the physical helps to Enroll More Students!

Happy Sunday All~

We woke up to a “winter wonderland” here in Massachusetts this morning!  As much as I don’t enjoy having to shovel the white stuff – I really love how beautiful it is to gaze out our window (with a warm cup of hot chocolate) and look as our neighborhood is blanketed in snow.

We received a fantastic Success Story e-mail from Mr. Perry Bateson, one of our superstar clients in British Columbia, Canada  regarding a Buddy Week Campaign that he linked to the POWerful Word of the Month for January 2008 – Health!

“Hello Dr. Robyn and Jason, —  Update on our health buddy week. We felt it was a huge success. We had 54 buddies in the school over the week (this is no repeats). We had 3 sign up on the spot and anticipate up to 10 more next week. The bigger picture is how many of these buddies will sign up throught the year. We got every ones name and we will track it over the year. It was a neat idea to tie it into the POWerful word. We received lots of comments about teaching more than Martial Arts.”

Now, from a business perspective, I look at this as an ENORMOUS SUCCESS.  Let’s just say that Mr. Bateson has an annual student value of $1,500…then due to this event that brought great energy and interest into his school – he’ll see at the very least a $4,500 return!  That’s before the other 10 students wind up enrolling this week.  In addition, it’s also before the three students that enrolled wind up referring more of their friends to join as well!  Congratulations Mr. Bateson – You Rock!

One of the gems that only the smartest school owners will pick up on here is that Mr. Bateson and his staff took an “old” idea – the buddy week – and supercharged it by relating it to his POWerful Words Program.  By doing this, it showed the prospective students (and their parents) that this school is DIFFERENT – while others are talking about how they teach character, Mr. Bateson and his staff PROVED IT.  This is a wonderful lesson – POWerful Words clients have an amazing tool at their fingertips…all ya gotta do is use it and you’ll see the rewards you’re looking for!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Jason M. Silverman

Marketing with a “theme” for School Growth

Greetings All~

Did ya ever notice that it’s always easier to match your marketing up with some form of holiday or celebration?  I like to think of this as adding a “theme” to your marketing structure.

So…as is our goal with this blog, here are some of the many holidays/themes you can base your marketing around for this year:

January – Week 1 – New Years

January – Weeks 2-3 – Martin Luther King Day

February – Week 1 – Valentine’s Day

February – Weeks 1-2 – President’s Day

March – Weeks 1-3 – St. Patrick’s Day

April – Week 1 – April Fool’s Day

April – Weeks 1-3 – Easter

May – Weeks 1-4 – Mother’s Day

May – Week 4 – Memorial Day

June – Weeks 1-4 – Father’s Day

June – Weeks 3-4 – End of School Year

July – Week 1 – Fourth of July (for those of us in the USA)

August – Weeks 1-4 – Back to School Preperation

September – Week 1 – Labor Day

September – Weeks 4-5 – Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur

October – Week 2 – Columbus Day

October – Week 1-4 – Halloween

November – Week 1 – Election Day

November – Week 2 – Veteran’s Day

November – Weeks 1-4 – Thanksgiving

December – Weeks 1-4 – Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza

December  – Weeks 3-4 – New Year’s Eve

*** Obviously – as a POWerful Words Client – you can and SHOULD always attach the POWerful Word of the month to your Marketing Campaign.  Many of our clients see Massive Success by doing just that.

Remember, February 2008 is Self Discipline Month – by focusing all of your activities around that central concept, you’ll see a ton of new, interested clients knocking at your door…don’t keep it a secret – you’ve got amazing wisdom to share with your clients…now go ahead and do it!

Please take a quick moment to pick one or two of the themes above and post a comment here about how you intend to implement them into this year’s marketing campaign.

Massive Success!

Jason M. Silverman

The King of the UpSell…(my trip to Men’s Wearhouse)

Greetings Folks – so I’ve got an interesting story for you today. My good friend Rob’s wedding is tomorrow (congrats Rob!) and I realized that it’s been quite a while since I’ve worn a suit (working at home will do that to you!). After examining everything in my closet, I knew that I had to bite the bullet and buy myself a new suit. I’ve got plenty of shirts, ties, socks, shoes, etc….I just needed a suit.

I’ve been hearing the Men’s Wearhouse commercials on TV for a while now, so I hopped in my car and paid them a visit. What happened was really amazing…and quite a lesson for everybody reading this.

I walked in and was quickly greeted by Arthur. He took my coat and hung it up for me. I said, “Arthur, I’ve got a wedding tomorrow and I need a new suit – can you help me and have it ready by tomorrow afternoon?” “No problem” he said.

He patiently showed me a ton of different suits in various price ranges while genuinely complimenting me on how each of them looked. I’ll admit it, I enjoyed it – it wasn’t too much or too salesee – it was just…nice.

Before I went into the changing room to try on the first suit, Arthur sat me down to measure my feet. He did this so he could put me into a new pair of shoes (so I’d see how the suit looked in dress shoes). They were very comfortable shoes and looked great.

Next, I went in and tried each of the suits on and decided on a great grey pinstripe. The tailor came over and marked it up so he could get to work. As I was standing there, looking at myself in the mirror, Arthur came over and asked me to try on an Overcoat…since it’s been about 20 degrees out. Wow…that coat looked great! Had I not recently bought a new overcoat, I would have taken it!

Then even more magic happened – Arthur brought me over to show me the “portfolios” he put together for me – inclusive of tie, socks, shirts, belts, etc. This was just too easy – all I had to do was say “I like that, I’ll take it!” and I’d have a great new wardrobe.

When all was said and done, I bought a new suit, a new pair of shoes, a belt, and a tie.

So, what’s the lesson in all this?

Did you ever wonder why our most successful POWerful Words clients always invest in all of the little extras that we offer them? Our overachievers invest in banners for their schools, postcards for their clients, DVD’s of Dr. Robyn’s Presentations for Staff Development, Answering Machine Scripts, etc, etc. because they see that each of the additional pieces ADDS to the experience that their clients enjoy by being a member of their school! (by the way, if you’d like to take advantage of any of OUR extra goodies and services – please drop me an e-mail immediately!)

Most of us NEVER go out of our way to help a client by presenting them with opportunities to buy things and services that will really help them and better their experience. What additional services and products can you sell your students or their parents that will make the experience of training at your school even better? This is an important lesson. Not to mention the fact that I spent a couple hundred dollars more than I had originally planned to invest in my suit purchase…and I’m happy about it.

If you’d like to experience (or you’d like your staff to experience) the right way to upsell – get in your car and head over to your local Mens Wearhouse immediately. I’m certainly glad I did…and by the way, I’ll be looking GREAT at the wedding tomorrow!

warm regards,

Jason M. Silverman

Powerful Words Schools in the News…

Hello All~

I’m proud to say that 2 of our POWerful Words Character Development clients were successfully published in their local newspapers (using the press releases we provided to them!)  We’re psyched that they are getting the “ink” that they deserve.

Here are the links:

Click Here to see a story featuring Tom Scott’s Martial Arts school in Sycamore, Illinois 

Click Here to see a story featuring Kathy St. Pierre’s Dance and Gymnastics Schools in Westminster, VT and Charlestown, NH

We included a professionally written press release in the February 2008 Gold and Platinum Level toolkits – make sure you take advantage and use them to help your community know what a wonderful resource your school truly is!

Massive Success!

Jason M. Silverman